Wills, Trusts & Advanced Directives

Ledbetter Law Group headed by Steven W. Ledbetter, Esq., provides legal advice, drafting and representation of clients, testators, grantors, beneficiaries, children, trustees, and personal representatives in Florida regarding the following personal estate and financial planning legal matters:

  • Estate plans, including Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trust, Codicil, Amendment, Beneficiary Designations, Durable Power of Attorney;
  • Health care plans (living will, declaration of preneed guardian, designation of health care surrogate, health care proxy);
  • Special Needs planning and public benefits planning;
  • Asset protection plan (life insurance, tenancy by entirety agreement, homestead, creditor exemption, car title);
  • Probate & Trust Administration (formal, summary & ancillary administration of decedent estates, handling claims and rights of beneficiaries); and
  • Litigation of probate, guardianship and trust disputes (claims, suits, proceedings, will contests, adversary proceedings).


Last Will & Testament

A Will or Testament is a legal document in which the person, testator, expresses their wishes to how their assets (including property, cash, jewelry, and possessions) will be distributed after their death.  The testator names an executor to manage the estate.  A Will does not prevent Probate


Revocable Living Trust

A Trust will allow you to avoid the court process of probate after death.  It acts similar to a Last Will & Testament in that it allows you to specify how and to whom you would like your assets distributed.  Having a trust can also enable you to avoid the delays of probate including any additional costs.  

Advanced Directives - documents needed to help with medical decisions

Living Will

The Living Will is a legal document that tells doctors and medical facilities what actions you want that will artificially prolong your life if you are in a terminal, vegetative, or end of life condition.  This also applies if you are incapacitated due to a physical or mental illness.  It gives power of attorney to the person you designate to follow your wishes. 

Health Care Surrogate

The Health Care Surrogate will enable you to appoint a loved one to make medical decisions if you are unable.  To avoid issues, it is wise to appoint multiple people.