Office Information

Steven W. Ledbetter, Esq., works from his Venice, Florida, office on matters involving Wills, Trusts, ProbateBusiness & Corporate LawReal Estate & Title Services, and Guardianship matters.


Keep Clients Informed

Mr. Ledbetter, using state-of-the-art technology, stays in consistent communication with clients and keeps them informed by quickly sending them copies of correspondence and other documents.


The relationship between an attorney and his or her client is founded on trust and confidence. So sacred is this relationship that information given by the client to the attorney or a staff member is a “privileged communication” which is recognized by the courts as confidential so that it cannot be disclosed without the client’s consent. Even the name of a client can be confidential information. Thus, Mr. Ledbetter is careful not to discuss clients and their matters in the presence of others.

New Clients

Mr. Ledbetter welcomes new clients referred by existing clients, other professionals, and friends of the firm. If he is not able to handle the work, he is often able to bring in another lawyer who can help. Much of Mr. Ledbetter’s work comes through referrals from existing clients and other lawyers, including both out-of-state law firms and local firms having client conflicts.


Mr. Ledbetter performs legal services in a timely and responsive manner. He tries to be available for every phone call. When he is not available, he returns client’s phone calls and emails as soon as possible.

Fees and Costs

Mr. Ledbetter performs legal services for fees at his then current hourly rates and/or prearranged flat fees whch are reasonable for the work performed. Clients are also responsible for costs (e.g., postage, copies, recording fees, courier, etc.). He discusses fees in the initial conference and a written fee agreement is signed prior to beginning work on a client’s case/matter. It is office policy to accept an advance trust deposit or fee retainer when beginning work. The deposit/retainer is applied to statements sent periodically (commonly, monthly) or upon completion of the work. As the retainer is used, the client will be asked to replenish it. Payment is due upon receipt of each statement. Payment is accepted via cash, check, or credit card (some restrictions apply). If another payment method is needed, please discuss this at the initial conference. Mr. Ledbetter will answer questions about billing at any time. Please call as soon as you receive a statement if there is any question about it.

Office Hours

Office hours are from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except lunch hours and holidays. Appointments outside normal business hours and outside office consultations are available by appointment only.