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Ledbetter Law Group can assist you in planning for your future.  We understand the importance of estate planning in your life and the lives of your loved ones.  We cannot predict the future, but we can plan for every possibility.  Our team will tailor our representation to your unique circumstances.  Serving the surrounding areas of Venice, FL, we will take the appropriate steps to protect your rights, your finances and your well-being.

By choosing the Ledbetter Law Group team, you will receive a plan crafted specifically for you to meet your wishes.  Education is the key to a well-designed estate plan.  The first step is for you to educate us about you, your family, your loved ones, and any charitable causes you care about.  During the initial consultation we will learn about your hopes and goals, as well as any fears or concerns.  Then we can educate you on the ways to structure your estate plan, plan for the unexpected, and protect your family and loved ones.  We can work together to create the master estate plan that is a best fit for you.


Let Ledbetter Law Group Help You Create a Plan That Fits


When developing an estate plan, here are few of the benefits:

  • Make sure your minor children will be cared for according to your wishes if tragedy strikes
  • Ensure you have complete control over your assets while you are alive and after you pass away
  • Protect your assets, and your children’s inheritances, against lawsuits, creditors, remarriage and other threats
  • Leave what you want to the people you want in the manner you want
  • Significantly reduce estate, gift, income and other taxes
  • Keep your financial affairs and family information private
  • Pass your values, sense of responsibility and work ethic on to heirs
  • Leave a lasting legacy

An estate plan can include some or a combination of wills, trusts, and medical power of attorney.  Your estate plan will ensure it is you, and not the state that decides how your assets are distributed after you pass away.  Estate planning is not just for the wealthy; every family and individual can benefit from having a well-organized and executed plan in place.

Wills, Trusts & Advanced Directives

Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.  Ledbetter Law has an estate planning lawyer and team that will create a specialized plan for you.  

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